August 25

RE101 Biblical Studies: New Testament

After overreaching in 1989 by trying two subjects at a time, I had a break until second semester 1990 before continuing my never ending arts degree. Under the rules at the time I already had a major in English literature and an unspecified major from previous study. While my two government subjects were quite enough as far as I was concerned, I did note that the only real flicker of interest had been in the religious thinkers so after several years away I went back to Studies in Religion.

I was still studying externally and chose RE101, Biblical Studies: New Testament, which was taken by Assoc. Prof. Michael Lattke. I did not meet him until some year later and, as usual, at the time knew nothing about the lecturer.

Now Emeritus Professor Michael Lattke, he went on to an internationally recognised career and even has a wikipedia page. He was honoured with a Festschrift in 2007 and is now retired. He was in the news in 2011, when his collection of rare books was destroyed in a flood.

I can tell I was much more engaged in this subject and the notes were extensive and engaging. Assessment was with two assignments and by the look of the assignments I had ditched the Commodore 64 and was using a primitive laptop with two disk drives and no hard drive that printed to a decent dot matrix printer.  It had an odd word processor made by the Webster people and I’m not sure what became of the computer. The assignments are double spaced, readable and able to be scanned, but the formatting was dodgy and I’m not sure I knew how to change single to double spacing and do proper indents. Nonetheless it was a big step forward presentation wise.


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