May 3

Man is the Measure of All Things

This was meant to be a 600 word essay and I chose the topic:


“Man is the measure of all things”  What in your estimation did Protagorus mean by this?


Man is the measure of all things


It is a pretty lousy essay in many ways (and too long at 800 words) and while the marker was kind enough to say I made some good points he also pointed out they weren’t the key points I should have been making. The point I did make seems like I was looking at relativism not really being open slather but subject to correction and influence by a well formed conscience. Once I made the mistake of doing two subjects at once I was in no position to spend the research and thinking time to make a better effort than this and a mark of 13/20 was fair enough.

It is a fiendish pleasure to have finally typed this double spaced as requested twenty seven years too late – a feat that was impossible on my primitive C64 word processor in 1989.

I note that this was submitted on the 22nd August and returned on the 19th of October, which was about when the major assignment was due, so I had no time to correct any deficiencies noted before having to submit the next essay – like improving the presentation. This suggests Cook was brought in very late – the notification to students of this was only sent out on the 11th of October.

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