November 6


The first assignment for RE100 was due in early April and somehow I got it done. Irritatingly there was a third different style for referencing in three semesters. In retyping the assignment I have replaced endnotes with footnotes and adapted the style of referencing somewhat. I also corrected rather more typos than I had anticipated suggesting my proofreading was done while sleeping off a late night in Casualty.


Scholars have generally been concerned with identifying the literary sources that they see underlying the Pentateuch in its final form and with the interpretation of these underlying sources. Focussing your discussion on Genesis, write an essay in which you discuss the strengths and limitations of this approach.


Conrad’s marking was scanty and his comments to the point:

A well constructed and presented summary of the material. You should work on introducing more of your own thoughts and critical evaluation of the material as well. 4/5

That does not mean 4 out of 5, rather a score of 4 to 5 in a scale of 7. The problem with that was that I doubt I had any original thoughts on the matter at all.  Rereading the essay I am impressed by a well structured but completely derivative argument, which I would fully expect from a first go at a religion subject.

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