November 5

Neo-Marxist Critiques of Social Democracy

The second assignment for GT105 wasn’t due until October 1986, which gave some me breathing space and also time for a daughter to be born.

I chose this topic:

Neo-marxists customarily criticise Social Democrats for believing that it is possible for a social democratic party to use the state in order to mediate the inherent and basic conflict of interest between capital and labour and thus bring about a transition to socialism. Outline the Neo-Marxist critique and set out what you would consider an appropriate response.

A real rib tickler.

Neo Marxists

I was pleased with the mark and surprised by a page full of constructive comments from the lecturer.  I recall that I was quite attracted to Bernstein’s version of socialism.

This was only a few years before the breakdown of Soviet bloc communism, but none of us had a clue.

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