October 2

The Study of Literature EN104

My first proper Arts subject was Barbara Garlick’s “TheStudy of Literature.” Garlick went on to become very influential in gender studies. My daughter tells me gender studies were abolished at UQ because it was no longer an issue. Sure.

I’m not sure how appalled I was to discover there were 60 poems, 5 novels, 4 short stories and five plays to be studied, with at least a half of these requiring close study. This was along with an introduction to literary terms and how to read literature. There were five thick volumes of course materials plus a bibliography. We were even given sample assignments of varying quality to let us know what was expected.  There was an optional “Brisbane School” which I am sure I was unable to attend due to work commitments. There were two assignments and an examination that I recall taking with little company at the Bundaberg outpost.

Novels: Sense and Sensibility, Great Expectations, Mrs Dalloway, The Spire, Heart of Darkness

Short Stories: The Dead, The Prussian Officer, Mary Postgate.

Plays: The Tempest, The Beggar’s Opera, The Importance of Being Earnest, Saint Joan, The Birthday Party.


I suppose I read them all.

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